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The Carmelite Nuns are part of  the Roman Catholic Church, belonging to the world-wide Order of the Discalced Carmelites.

There are 13 Carmelite Monasteries in England, 4 in Scotland and 1 in Wales. Over 200 nuns live in these 18 Carmels. Their lives are dedicated to prayer in silence and solitude.

There are Carmelite monasteries in towns and in the country, but wherever they are found they speak to the world of God and spiritual realities. The sisters value the companionship of Jesus above everything else. They are aware of sin and suffering, sadness and death throughout the world, and know that only Jesus has the answer.

They are prepared to stake their lives on this.

They want everyone to find the peace, love and happiness Christ has to give, so they choose on behalf of their fellow men and women to live out with Him the mystery of His life and death, through which all will come to His resurrection and His promise of fulness of life and joy. They unite themselves with Him "who lives ever to make intercession for the world" and their life's purpose is to love, and to bring all humanity closer to the Love of God.

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